Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Assignment 1 & 2 Depth of Field & Rule of Thirds

Using the depth of field to create empty space in the photograph is sometimes a useful and deliberate approach when page layout demands space to superimpose images of type. In the digital camera you must use the pre-focus on camera to create the proper focus. Remember that you camera will want to focus on the center of the image. Therefore, you must focus on your subject and then pre-focus, then turn the camera left or right to create the desired composition.

The depth of field assignment includes the following photos:

1. 3 portraits of rule of thirds and depth of field

2. 3 portraits of telephoto at max.... How close can you get to the subject with a wide open aperture and obtain a sharp image.
3. 6 photos of close ups use the wide open setting and determine you depth of field with stationary objects.

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