Monday, April 4, 2011

End of term 3 assignment

At the end of term 3 students will be able to take a photograph in any available lighting condition. Difficult lighting conditions include low light, backlight and high contrast situations. Student will be able to present images taken under these conditions that have the proper image qualities such as a full historgram, complete protocols and all images must be sharp and able to maitain full detail in the important parts of the images. Students will present three images that are taken in the following light conditions: Low light indoor, high contrast indoor our outdoor and a photo taken with the light source behind the subject. Student will sketch the scene and provide the appropriate camera information including ISO, and f:stop, shutter speed and focal lenth of the lens. Term four begins with depth of field theory, shutter speed priority and compositional consideration within the photo frame. Also we will be working photo presentation formats and the completion of a printed photo portfolio book. Also, you will be expected to have completed the seven design/composition photos which should be posted.

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