Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Assignment 4 Shoot to Script

A 'shoot to script' assignment is intended to help you previsualize and construct the photographic composition which has been predetermined by the graphic designer. Often the professional photographer is assigned a photographic assignment based on the limitations of the publication he or she is working for. This usually takes the form of a sketch or layout of the page and includes the distribution and placement of the images and type that makes up the page content. Your assignment has three sketches that you were given in class. From these notes you were asked to shoot these photographs in accordance to the specific limitations of the design layout.

The example below is a layout that is in the form of a spread ( a two page layout ). The photograph in the background provides the opportunity to place type in an area of the image tha is purposely out of focus. The image is shot with the rule of thirds in place. the sharp area of the image on the left provides content while the part of the image on the right is out of focus in order that type can be placed.

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