Thursday, June 2, 2011

Final test Available Light

Assignment no. 1 (portrait)


Backlight: This means that your subject is in the shadow and your light source is behind the subject. Appropriate compensation must be documented….changes that you are making to ensure good exposure in the fore ground.

Options: exposure adjustment, flash (fill), reflector, other….

Do not compensate in Photoshop.



Assignment 2 (portrait)


Low light situation………… flash…must compensate.

This is typically indoors with minimal light from a window source or artificial light.

Critical are the values in the shadow areas….must have details. Sharpness is critical.

What are the adjustments???


Assignment 3 (still life or portrait)


This is a depth of field and rule of thirds assignment.

Use both of these design elements to create an image that will have the center of interest at one of the intersections on the rule of thirds grid.

The focus must be sharp and the background must be soft focus.

What are the changes that you have to make on the camera and the lens???

How do you avoid camera shake?



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